A Not So Perfect Life • Lidiya Larsen

Once there was a girl named Ava. Ava had a terrible life. She was homeless and she had an annoying little sister named Ariel.

One day Ava went to school, and after school she did not go home. She stayed all the way to five o’clock. When her mom came, she looked like she had just cried. Ava asked if she was okay.

She mumbled, “I’m fine”.

Ava knew she wasn’t.

Her mom said, “We need to go somewhere.”

They walked and walked and all of a sudden showed up at a homeless shelter! Ava was surprised!

She asked, “How did this happen?

“Daddy lost his job,” said mom.

“Why?” Ava asked quietly.

“Do you actually need to know?” replied mom.

Ava said, “I guess not.”

Ava, Ariel, and her mom walked into a huge room filled with cots.

Ariel asked, “Which cot do we sleep in? Where do we get dressed? Where is our car? Where is our kitchen? Where do we play and why do we have so many beds in this huge room.“

“Shut Up!“ yelled Ava.

“Ava, be nice!” whispered mom.

“Well, she was being annoying!” said Ava angrily.

A man came over to her. He had a long beard, and very nice clothes. Ava thought to herself, I wish I had nice clothes! You can see my belly button, but my dad and mom don’t have enough money to buy me good clothes. She looked at Ariel, who was wearing an old shirt that said “cutie.” Ava thought, she’s not cute at all.

Meanwhile, Ava’s Dad was gone. She asked her mom where he went. Ava’s mom didn’t answer, but she kept asking, and asking. She still didn’t answer. Ava overheard her mom tell the man that Ariel and Ava were sharing a cot.

Suddenly, Ava heard someone scream “FIRE, FIRE!” She heard sirens, “beep beeeeeep!” She ran outside and bumped into a metal pole. She was knocked out.

Five days later, Ava woke up and saw Ariel jumping on the hospital bed. Their dad was standing next to Ava. Her mom asked, “are you awake?” Ava mumbled.

“As soon as you get better, we will have to walk to a new shelter,” said mom.

Just then, the social worker walked in and said, “I have good news; we found a new house for you!”

Ava’s mom started to cry.

Ariel yelled while jumping up and down, ”Yay!”

Ava started to jump up out of the hospital bed and do her happy dance.

The house became a wonderful home! Ariel and Ava became very smart students and never wanted to have to live in a shelter again.