An Unexpected Moment • Henry Bartle

It was a nice sunny morning in Sydney, Australia when 20-year-old Matt was in his room at his house. A scream and an earthquake suddenly disturbed him. He ran to his window. There was a huge crack in the ground.

Matt was dressed in a snap and went downstairs. Outside, the crack was about 4 feet wide and 10 feet long! He couldn’t see the bottom!

All of a sudden, there was another earthquake. Matt almost fell into the crack. He ran inside and turned on the news. The reporter said, “There has been 18 earthquakes!”

One hour later, Matt got in his car and drove to work at the factory. He got to the factory, parked his car, and walked inside.

Matt’s friend, Mac, came over to him and said, “We have been feeling some quakes.”

“Yea! I had one outside my apartment,” he replied.

At about 3:00 p.m., Matt was about to leave. As he stood by the door, Rumble! Matt fell to the ground. He was about to get up, but the ceiling collapsed on his legs!

Matt screamed and fainted. He was half awake when he came to in the hospital. His legs were gone. He fainted again. Two hours later, Matt woke up and he had legs!

He yelled, “Where are my legs?!”

The doctor said, “Your legs were crushed and we gave you metal legs. You will have to get use to them.”

Matt got up and wobbled around his hospital room. Matt complained that it hurt.

A week later, Matt got to go home and went to bed. The next morning, he got up, went downstairs, and had some breakfast. He was moving slowly and took one step at a time.

He was about to go outside when Matt saw everybody in the neighborhood stop and look up through his front door. Their mouths hung open! A building had just fallen over from another earthquake. Matt felt it, but he didn’t think it was so strong.

When he arrived, his mom and dad asked, ‘‘What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be at work!”

“I was stuck in an earthquake. The ceiling fell and I got metal legs!” yelled Matt. “I got so worried about you.”

“I want you to go and get out of this place. There have been a lot of earthquakes and it’s not safe for you here,” said Matt to his parents.

“Okay,” said his parents.

Matt’s parents drove off to the airport to fly to Green Bay. Wisconsin. They were not going to continue to live in a city that had EARTHQUAKES!!!

Matt then went for a bike ride. While he was riding, he felt tremors. It knocked him off his bike, but he got back on and rode to a job interview. When he got to the new building he was hoping to work at, Matt took an elevator to the top floor. He was about to walk into the interview room when someone screamed, “Look, a tsunami!”

Matt ran to the window and yelled, “Get to the top of the building.” He didn’t realize the earthquake had been that powerful!

Everybody ran to the top of the building. A helicopter landed on the roof of the building. Matt got in, as did other people. They could see the tsunami coming into the harbor. It was even closer than they thought! The helicopter lifted off and flew away towards a safe island as the whole city was destroyed.

One week later, Matt was on an island off the coast of Australia about to board a plane to America. He decided to go to Green Bay, Wisconsin; there would not be any possibility of tsunamis or earthquakes.

In America, he had a peaceful life without another tsunami or earthquake. He was pleased with his decision.