Bittersweet • Alec Baenen




I have forgotten her name but she is the font of my sugar-coated creation

Jaw dripping at the hinges like flat Pepsi Cola from the cups of her eyes left overturned

Because the plot of her Hollywood script couldn’t twist like the lines on her face

She is fizzling away…

Her crisp edges now mismatched puzzle pieces lodged into place inside the patches of wrinkles on her forehead

Half perfections; stretched taffy of white lies brimming at the cheeks of my imagination

My whole-hearted convulsions paying tribute to her lives of past nestled within the freckles

Littered upon her skin like straw wrapper monuments of sweet toothed prospectors

Who found her too bitter of a taste




She has forgotten my name but I am the font of her honey-drizzled discoloration

Her sketched-in blemishes of syrup


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