Grandfather’s Flower Garden • Chloe Steffel

Life is like a flower garden

The beauty we once knew may be no more

The brightness is to persistence as

The darkness is to the closing of another door


With every piece of brightness comes a bit of darkness

From an open door comes one that is closed

Some of the keys to those doors will not work

Leaving some into eternal darkness, unopposed


Every flower has its own set of keys through life

Each key set is different, for example, my grandfather’s ring

His last few keys were a bit rigid

With him a purple flower he was carrying


He fought, and fought,

And fought some more

But on October 7th, 2014

That key could not open the door


But before his flower fell ill and began to die

Making sure happy he’d stay

Keep him laughing and joking

Keep him happy we’d pray


When his flower began to fade

He became more like a child, as he most enjoyed to play

Taking pretzels and making faces or having a sword fight

He loved to tell jokes but sometimes forgot what it was he had to say

We always then said to him, “Grandpa, that’s alright.”


Even as he began to lose everything, he never lost his family

As when a key tarnishes, it doesn’t become useless and broken

And if a door remains shut, when life and time is lost

Through all the time shared, lots of great memories in mind to evoke


Life is to a flower garden as

With darkness comes light

Love, and enjoy those you care about

For you never know when it is, their permanent night.