In Reality • Chloe Steffel

It is true that many say life sucks

When in reality it is truly beautiful

All the things that were created

Have a purpose in life

All things that had been made

Had been for a reason

Even though the roads are bad in the winter

Take a look around

Is the scenery not beautiful?

The snow on the trees, homes covered in white

I know to me it is quite a beautiful sight

Through all the wars and fighting

Is the beauty of teamwork not seen?

Groups standing up together for what they believe

Isn’t that a good thing? Should we care or not?

Those executed for their beliefs

Their persistence for what they love is outstanding

Is that not beauty?

That someone can care so much about something to die for it

When you teach a person something and they understand

Is that not beautiful the sight of that light bulb?

What about everyone helping those in need?

Is that not a beautiful sight?

Birds, bees, and butterflies,

Positives and negatives

Why is it that negatives are the main focus?

It leads us to believe that the world is a bad place

Never giving people the opportunity to learn about the good

So no matter how much it is thought to be

Life being bad, or that life sucks

In reality none of that is true

Life is beautiful

Think positive