Storm Drain • Abby Haaz

I waited in anticipation.

My head angled to the sky.

Clouds shifted, as my eyes observed.

Then abruptly, clouds, bursting at their seams.

A monsoon of water crashed to earth’s delicate crust.

It was startling, even though I owned the knowledge of it.


I felt giddy, like a child.

Disturbing puddles, in yellow rain boots.

This rain created a barrier around me,

So the revolving world


I looked down at my hands, and imagined the darkness that Surrounded them gone.


I tentatively approached a puddle.

Suddenly, I was in the center of the rain water.

As wet droplets splashed up, with the corners of my mouth.

Both denying the strict force with which the rain came down from the Clouds.


I unhinged my mouth to scream, but no sound could be found.

I could still see the darkness, that radiated from me.

Along with the world around me.

My tears replaced

The halted rain.


Because, the rain didn’t wash anything away.