The Boy Who Was Afraid of Water‌ • Autumn Radloff

Yin is a 10 year old boy and has a fear of water. He goes to China Elementary. HIs fear of water all started when he was in the 1st grade. It was a sunny Monday afternoon. Yin and his friends were eating lunch on the playground when a tsunami hit his town. He was swept away from all he knew, and for three days, Yin lived alone. On the beginning of the 4th day, he found himself dying of hunger and thirst, standing in front of his house. Ever since he has had a fear of water.

It was the year 1957. Yin and his family were out to eat at Summer Palace  in China. They were Celebrating Qing Ming Jie. Yin saw the biggest jug of water he had ever seen. The only amount of water that he had seen bigger than the jug was the tsunami that swept him away from civilization. Then Yin realized that the jug was coming to his table. He jumped up and ran out of the room screaming.

“Stop, you’re making a scene Yin!,” said Yin’s mother as she ran after him. As could imagine, Yin did not stop. Instead, he screamed louder and ran faster.

When Yin and his mother finally returned to the restaurant, Yin was calm and quiet. He had been given a special medicine to calm him down. He sat down between his mother and father. Then a few minutes later their food arrived. Soon after they were all done eating, YIn asked his mother and father a question.

    “Can I go play in the play area?” Yin asked.

    “Sure, but when the clock says 12:00 you come back to the table so we can go home,” said his mother.

The time was 11:45. Yin had forgotten about what his mother had told him. By the time the clock struck midnight, his parents had also forgotten something. Yin had been in the play area so long they forgot that he was even there. Then YIn fell asleep in the ball pit and the restaurant owner didn’t see him and locked up for the night. Yin was locked in all night.

The next morning when the restaurant owner came to open the store, Yin was sleeping on one of the tables. The restaurant owner woke up YIn.

“How long have you been here, little boy?” asked the owner.

“I’ve been here all night because I lost track of time and my family left without me and then you locked me in last night.”

“So you were trapped inside here all night? You must be starving.”

“Am I ever.”

“Come. I’ll fetch you some Dim Sum and water.”

After Yin had eaten all he could, the restaurant owner called Yin parents who were very happy to see him. They went home and they lived happily ever after.


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