The Lady In Gold • Abby Haaz

There is someone I know,

who I used to call one simple word.

Because, that is all I’ve known.

She has guided me, for all she can.

Until, I let go, but still in reach.

And that, that is where light finally lit her face.

Followed by meeting the unread past.


I found myself looking back,

To when she would hand others her strength.

She never ran out.

Every time her eyes meet his,

I’m assured of that swirling kind of love.

Even if that is not what I was expected it to be.

I now know why whenever she smiles,

No one can help but return the action.

Every single time she wraps herself around me,

I am reminded that everything has the possibility to be wonderful.


And when I look into her eyes.

I would like to see nothing more than myself,

In the women who can no more

Be defined by one simple word.