The Misfortune • Josalyn White

There is a well-known story in Oasis about two kids named Liam and Jason. They believe it is true. Liam and Jason have moved to another country due to sightings and people asking about them. They want to live “normally,“ not in the life of fame. This is the story about Liam and Jason.

One day, Liam and Jason, who were 18, were taking a little walk towards a construction sight. They were silent, staring at the construction sight wondering what the construction workers might build. Until Liam broke the silence.

Liam walked up to Jason and said, “Dude! I dare you to walk up to that construction site and hammer the ‘No Trespassing’ sign.”

Liam walked up to a white house across the street and stole a hammer from the garage.

“That isn’t your house, right?” asked Jason.

Liam gave Jason the hammer and said seriously, “No, it isn’t my house. Now go do the dare.”

Jason wasn’t sure about doing this dare, but he slowly nodded his head and went to the construction site. Jason tried not to make much sound. He tried to hammer quietly, but it was very loud. Everybody in the big neighborhood heard the hammer noises go, “DING! BLAM! PLOP!”

One of the guys in the construction area went and grabbed his phone! Suddenly, there was a police car, with loud blue and red flashing lights and sirens.


Jason started to shake. 
“I didn’t do anything!” Jason yelled.

Jason looked at Liam with a look that said help me. The police didn’t respond. Instead, one of the police officers took one of Jason’s arms and another grabbed his other arm. They began to drag him toward the police car.

Liam watched in horror.

“THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!” Jason yelled to Liam.

“I’m sorry!” said Liam.

The construction man walked to Liam.

“Bro, not cool, getting your friend in trouble, “ said one of the construction workers.

“It ́s a legend here in Oasis, that when you lie or get your own friend in trouble, like trouble as in jail or prison, you’ll feel the pain of your friend,” said the same construction worker.

“WHAT!!!???” Liam walked off.

Meanwhile, Jason was slammed to the floor of a jail cell on his right ribs. Liam felt sharp pain like a billion sharp knives being stabbed in his ribs.

After 16 days, Liam ́s ribs felt better. Later that same day, Jason went to court. Jason felt like he had butterflies in his stomach. He was waiting to be let free.

The judge asked, “Why did you specifically vandalize and trespass?”

Jason cried, “IT WAS ALL JUST A DARE! I plead not guilty!”

The judge looked confused at Jason.

“Unless you have proof, you are guilty!” responded the judge.

Jason was shoved into the wall by the guard. He checked to see if Jason had any weapons.

“You will not keep me here! I will get out and I’ll show you I’m not guilty. Just let me call someone,” shouted Jason.

The guard raised an eyebrow.

”Who are you going to call?” the mean looking guard asked.

Jason grinned and said, “The person who put me in here.”

The guard led Jason to the phone. Jason dialed, and Liam answered the phone.

“THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!” Jason shouted as he punched the wall.

Who is going to tell the judge the truth?

“Ok, I‘ll try to bail you out. I babysit dogs. I babysit three a day and the owners give me $20.00 per dog. I’ll have more than enough money in two months.” Liam hung up the phone.

Liam thought, “I can do this. Jason will be so happy when I get him out of jail.”

One month later, Jason was just sitting in his prison cell waiting for the call.

“Prisoner 1069, come to the phone booth.” The speaker boomed.

“Ugh!“ Jason grunted. “Again?”

Jason walked to the phone booth with his black dirty-not-so-shiny-anymore hair.

He picked up the phone and heard an excited voice. “I HAVE THE MONEY! This girl gave me a $100 tip because I groomed her puppy!”

Liam wanted a lawyer for Jason because he felt sorry for him. Since Liam put Jason in, he should get him out. Liam was watching The Criminal Show when he saw a commercial saying that Starfact Lawyers were the best Lawyers. Liam called Starfact Lawyers to help him out.

“Hello! How may I help you?”

Liam said nicely. “I would like prisoner 1069 out of Flag Jail.”

The woman frowned. “Flag Jail is a hard jail to get out of… BUT, our lawyers can help you! I will assign Stacy Beckon to help you!”

Liam replied, “Okay!”

One month later in court.

“Mr. Jason did do it for a joke and a dare, but he is only a teenager. I personally think you should charge someone like that when they’re in their 20’s. They will be more mature then.” The judge nodded and heard the other side. He slammed his gavel. “DISCUSSION OVER. JASON WILL BE FORGIVEN.”

The other side of the court discussion was arguing.

Another month later.

“Oh pal! I’m so happy you got me out of jail. I think you literally saved my life! Like, a lot.”

“Friends?” Liam asked.

“Friends,” Jason said in a confirming voice.

Jason thought. “I will never do this kind of dare even if someone calls me a chicken and I will choose my friends wisely.”

Afterwards, Liam and Jason moved together to a deserted island in one of the oceans.