The Speed in Life • Chloe Steffel

Racing here, racing there

Racing everywhere

Things never seem to slow down

Right now! Now! Now!

Everything is instant

All the hustle and bustle

Rushing ever ends

Have to be here, have to be there

We don’t have time anymore

To slow anything down

To do anything fun

To do anything together

If it’s not school, it’s work,

If it’s not work, it’s homework,

If it’s not homework, it’s studying,

If it’s not studying, it’s projects,

If it’s not projects, it’s after school activities.

It is like we all are on a professional raceway

Time flies so fast, for so much needs to be done

All at the same time

We always find a way to get it all done

But there seems to rarely be time to have fun

Everyone is always busy, busy, busy

That is just the way it is

There is no time for slow or fun

But sometimes it is important

To make fun number one

Share some time with those you love

Because without that downtime

You lose track of what is important