The Star Crossed Lovers‌ • Mackenzie Ruby

She kissed his lips one last time
A final action, a final goodbye
She had awoken right next to him
And now all she wanted
Was the poison from his lips
She took his dagger
She closed her eyes
This was it, she was saying goodbye
In fair Verona, where we lay our scene
Romeo was her King
And Juliet was his Queen
She plunged the dagger in her heart
Giving meaning to
“Until death do us apart”
They were in love,
They didn’t know better
Two strictly forbidden
Birds of a feather
After all the risks they had taken
It was love, they weren’t mistaken
She lived for the boy
Whom she was told to hate
And because of it, they found
It had been too late
Behold, what a tragedy
Two star-crossed lovers
Lay down dead
Right next to each other
Together after death,
They lay their new scene
Where finally, they can love in peace

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