Where I’m From • Dominick Azzolina

I am from Legos.

From pigs and a blanket.

A bad smell from the bathroom.

A park with a swing set.

I am from nice neighbors, except for the kid,

Who hits you with scooters, and Play dough lids.

I’m from the field, the plants and the trees.

I listen to Justin Bieber, “What do you mean?”

I’m from chocolate doughnuts,

And pepperoni pizza.

From my brother, Luka,

And my sister, Sophia.

I’m from the church, and Internet memes.

SHUT UP!” my family always screams.

I’m from a house that can’t let you down.

And “go brush your hair, you look like a clown!”

I’m from grandpa, grandma, and cheese.

From I’m so hungry; I’d bite a branch off a tree!

Crainiem, monopoly.

Disney world fantasy.

I swim in the pool.

A poem wrote from school.