Dear Reader,

Welcome to the online version of The Quill. In addition to the twelve short stories and poems found in the printed journal, this version of The Quill includes thirty entries that were submitted to the publication and recognized as online finalists.

There is a quote by William Shakespeare that I have kept in mind throughout the process of producing this new literary journal: “I’ll call for my pen and write my mind.” Although simple, this quote speaks to the power of expression and complexity writing can have. When I set out to create The Quill, I wanted to foster an appreciation for literature within the Green Bay community by drawing attention to those aspects of the art of writing.

The pieces that are included in this journal demonstrate the unique voice each of these young writers possesses and give insight into the beautiful, imaginative, and candid contents of their minds. It is important for young writers to receive affirmation for their talent so that they are motivated to continue developing their craft. In a time when many opt to watch a movie on Netflix rather than read poetry, The Quill is providing young writers with the opportunity to contribute meaningful work to their community and get them excited about literature. My hope is that this publication will not only inspire these young authors to continue to write, but also motivate other young people to pick up a pen and apply their own creative ideas to the page.

I would like to thank my two mentors, Kevin Mullen and Tina Quigley, for supporting The Quill from the beginning. Kevin, who works as a Writing Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, came up to Green Bay in July for a writing workshop where he worked one-on-one with the writers who submitted to The Quill and helped them revise their pieces. Tina at Mosaic Arts, Inc. has been a wonderful community partner, sharing my immense excitement for this publication and its inclusion into Artstreet. I am thrilled that Mosaic Arts will be continuing The Quill after this summer, and I know it will only grow under their direction. Thank you to Kuehn Printing for producing the printed journal that will now be distributed around the community. Thank you to Dave Lassen and Randy Wallar from the Morgridge Center at UW-Madison who ultimately made The Quill possible by awarding me the Wisconsin Open Education Community Fellowship, which funded this publication. I learned so much during my first year at UW-Madison, and having the opportunity to take my experiences from school and apply them to my project this summer has been incredible.

Finally, I want to thank all the young writers who contributed work to The Quill. You have so much to be proud of, and I hope this is only the start of the great writing you produce. Whether sitting poolside, parkside, or in an air-conditioned bedroom at night, I hope everyone enjoys this Summer 2015 issue of The Quill. 

Thank you for reading,

Laura Schmitt