Survivor • Sophia DuBord

I’m a survivor; I’ve won many fights.

I never am lonely; I’ve seen many sights.

I ’ve been through a lot, maybe too much,

But if this doesn’t stop me, I need no crutch.

I must be faithful to my father above,

For he knows whether I am worthy of his love.

My thoughts can be jumbled, but soon I ’ll be free.

Don’t worry when I’m gone, one day you’ll be with me.

But for right now we must be joyous, for I have lived another day,

And soon I ’ll be victorious; I will be peaceful and quiet,

And maybe even near.

When I am gone, my dear, my dear.

Don’t worry about me for I will always be,

As strong as I was, and never flee.

Sophia DuBord is a student at Holy Family Middle School. 


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