How I Got Back in the NBA Finals • Marcos Cuellar

      It all started when Miami Heat lost the finals to San Antonio Spurs. Lebron James got so mad he wanted to do something, something so horrible that it could change his life for ever. Lebron asked Norris Cole if he could help him. The next season Lebron went to Cleveland Cavaliers. So did Kevin Love. They made it to the playoffs and they played Bulls. The big three were on fire. But Lebron James came back and got on fire. They won 121-120 and the Bulls were out of the playoff ’s.

      After the game, Lebron James was signing a jersey when he met a boy. It was his birthday that day and his name was Luis. Lebron signed Luis’ jersey and gave him a basketball, too. After the game the whole team played Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare. Then their next game they played the Pacers and won 107-98. The next week was the pre-finals and they were excited that they made it. When they were preparing for the game against Thunder, someone called Lebron James on his cell phone and said that some fan killed their son for a signed Lebron James jersey. Lebron James felt bad because he signed that jersey. When the game started, Lebron James did not want to go to the game but he did. It was a close game but… they won.

      After a couple weeks, the made it to the finals against the Miami Heat. The Cavaliers win the tip-off and they give it to Lebron James. He gets the dunk. The Heat gets the ball and they pass it to Dwyane Wade. He scores a three-pointer. Lebron James tries to shoot a three-pointer to tie it up, but Dwyane Wade grabs Lebron James’ arm and snaps it. At half time, Lebron tries to heal his arm. At the end of third quarter, the score was 89-68 and Lebron felt better so he comes in to play. Lebron was on fire. The score was 91-93. There was three minutes left. THe Heat gets the ball and Chris Bosh dunks. There is one minute left. Dwyane Wade steals the ball and shoots a three. The crowd goes quiet and he scores. Ten seconds left.  If the Cavaliers score a three pointer they win. They pass it to Lebron with five seconds left and he scores the last second shot FOR THE WIN!!!!!!        


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