Quitting Life • Kong F. Kang

The whole idea of it makes me feel

like I don’t exist.

Something worst than any isolation

or the hunger I get from starvation.

A kind or mourning of the spirit,

a disappearance of the psyche

an emptiness of the soul.

You tell me it’s too early to be looking back,

but you have forgotten the perfect feeling of being alive

and the beautiful sights laid before us.

But as I lay in my casket,

I can remember every breath.

When I was alive, I could breath, feel and see

I was happy.

But… nothing lasts forever.

For now I am underground,

disappearing from the world,

from the memories of the ones I hold dear.

Never before, have I felt so lonely,

as I do today, all the way down here.

This is the beginning of my end, I say to myself,

as I fade away through the years in my grave.

It is almost time for me to say goodbye,

almost time to rest.

It seems only yesterday that I used to believe

that I was alive.

If you smiled at me, I could smile back.

But now, as I lay here,

I can do nothing,

I can only sleep… forever.

Kong F. Kang is a student at Franklin Middle School.


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