Identity and Fate • Quinn Williquette

      In my short experience in life, I have found that your background and upbringing affects you greatly. If you have two people, and they each receive one hundred dollars, but one has grown up wealthy their entire life, and the other has been living paycheck to paycheck, the wealthy person will not cherish that money as much as the one who is not as well off. The person who is struggling to make ends meet would make sure to make the money last as long as possible, because they know that he doesn’t have much of it. Another example is if a very intelligent kid went to school in an area where education was not the priority, and therefore was not taken very seriously, they would not be able to reach his full potential. However, if he attended a school in an area that was very serious on education, and the subjects were well taught, he could one day end up making a difference in the world. That is why you can not judge someone from a quick glance, because you do not know how they were brought up, and what adversities they had to endure.

       People talk about fate very often; good or bad. They say that the person could not control what happened, and it was just fate that got them to where they are today. I believe that they are not correct. I think fate can not be changed because there is no way to tell what will happen next. We are in the year 2015, and we have not invented a technology that will let us see into the future. Therefore, there is no way that fate could be challenged, or changed. I also believe fate should just be accepted, because no matter what you do, you can not travel back in time and change the events that occurred. This means that it is out of your power to control events that happen in your own life, so fate just needs to be accepted. You move on, whether it was good or bad, and go on with your life.


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