Have you noticed that there’s something bold, dark, and beautiful about writing. People have been scribbling their thoughts, perspective, story, and beliefs on paper for eons. – and to this day, there’s never a dull moment or thought. New stories by diverse authors of all walks of life are writing in masses that we can’t even do the math to comprehend. It’s incredible. It’s beautiful. It’s an art form that gets overlooked and abused. It’s something that is worth celebrating.

In the current world where Netflix is dominating as a hobby, UW Madison student, Laura Schmitt, pursued the mission of creating The Quill during her summer in 2015. The purpose was to showcase young writers in the greater Green Bay area. She carries the belief that young writers need to receive affirmation for their talent, to motivate them, to praise and encourage for them to continuing developing their craft.

The staff at Mosaic Arts, Inc. is excited to create the second chapter of the summer literary journal. This opportunity to open the doors to students and youth in the area has brought in a tremendous amount of surprise and pride. The works that these young authors have scribbled is beyond words. This second chapter of The Quill has grown enormously and will only continue to rise.

Thank you is often a phrase that is overused without deep value. It’s not every day that we show others how much we are proud of them. We often become so caught up with life, that we’re constantly rushing to move onto the next task. So today, right now, we want to say thank you. From the schools and businesses that helped promote the call for young authors to the parents, authors, printing company, editors, proofers and Mosaic Staff who have spent an enormous amount of time tweaking to make this perfect.

To the young writers who contributed work to The Quill, you have incredible power. Your words that you scribble down create movement, change and perspective to readers – this is becoming rare in today’s world – don’t lose it. You’ll create change and influence individuals that you’ve never even met.


Mosaic Staff