The Written Life of Rose Marie Vanevenhoven • Autumn Radloff

      Rose is a 16 year old girl living with her six sisters and one brother. She doesn’t live with her parents because they’re at war. Rose has pure-diamond blond hair, sky blue eyes, and she usually wears blue jeans and a colored t-shirt with some inspirational writing on it. She now lives in an alley with her siblings because she didn’t have enough money to pay the bills, so they lost their house.

      It was 1960 in Boston, Massachusetts, everything was going just perfect for every family except for the Vanevenhoven family. Both her mother and her father were gone fighting in the Vietnam War. Rose was losing hope that they’d ever return. They had already been sort of abandoned by their parents and had barely enough to pay for the very little food they had. So the next day, Rose set out to get a job. She eventually found a job as a cashier at a gas station about a mile away. A little over a week later, Rose had earned enough money to pay for enough food for a month. It was the best day they had in the last few months. It was amazing. It was also a very special day for Rose because she was turning 16 years old. Her parents weren’t home yet, but that never stopped her from having the best time on her birthday.

      Then it happened, Rose heard her siblings shout in unison, “Mom, Dad you’re back!” Rose dropped the fresh food, living supplies, and milk, then walked around the corner thinking her siblings were just trying to play a trick. After she turned the corner, she saw her parents. Her eyes filled with tears and her face turned bright pink. She walked to her parents and squeezed them until she had enough strength to stand on her own. Rose was as happy as a kid on Christmas to see her parents after they were in war 6 years. She thought they had past away, but now they were safe at home. Their family had been reunited.

      “I didn’t think you were ever coming back, you’ve been gone for so long!” Rose tried to tell her parents between sobs of happiness. She had gotten all she had ever hoped for ever since her parents had left: her parents home and safe at last.

      “Well of course we came back, we couldn’t not be here on your sixteenth birthday,” her parents said in unison. “We would be considered bad parents if we did that.”

      “So how about we go celebrate our little Rose becoming a grown woman,” her mother said. That same day Rose’s dad was given the the Medal of Honor and one million dollars.

      About a week later, Rose and her family finally decided on a house they all loved and immediately moved in. It was a three story blue house with silver railings, stainless steel appliances, three indoor pools, five hot tubs, one outdoor pool, two master bedrooms, three specially designed kids rooms, and an indoor and outdoor waterslide. Her parents never went to war again and soon Rose grew up and went of to college. She became the mayor of Boston and her family never been happier.


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